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Lets be honest writing an " about me' is no fun! I mean this is suppose to be about you, right? Well here goes.....

I am a mom to two amazing kiddos, a dog mom to two awesome dogs, and a thinker with my head in the clouds most days. I am an "introverted people person" - that's a thing, right? You can find me hanging out mostly at home but occasionally in a coffee shop or at concert. I love coffee, and good books when I can focus long enough to actually read one.

Photography has been a passion for as long as I can remember - middle school photography club was a game changer. I started Kate Craft Photography shortly after the birth of my children. I was a stay at home mom with a lot of time to hone a skill. I bought my first DSLR on a whim and told my former husband it would be my gift for the year, covering Christmas, birthday, Mothers day , and all the others in one fel swoop. I found an amazing mentor and read everything i could get my hands on. I couldn't get enough.

Life changed and photography took a backseat for a few years, but the spark was definitely still there. I was on track to put my passion back in the drivers seat when life took another drastic turn and my business again got pushed to the back burner though it stayed ever present in my mind. It took some time and encouragement but I am back.

My photography style is a good mix of posed photos and the fun candid moments that happen in between. I will often shoot thru talking and setting everyone into place. Those in between moments are gold, where the real connections shine through. Telling the story of you, of your family, of a celebrated milestone, is paramount to me . I truly feel portraits are an heirloom and would love to create not only a lasting keepsake for your family but a great experience to remember.